About Us

Fideters are a range of products that are designed to be played with in order to channel excess energy and improve focus, soothe anxiety, and bring joy! Fidgeting, fiddling, or as teachers call it, "stop that!", has been demonstrated to increase productivity and attention span. Fidgeters are carefully designed and handmade to look and feel both comforting and delightful.

We love making these objects. So much so that we have started a youtube channel to document our creative adventures making fidgeters, furniture, robots, and just about anything else you can imagine.

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The Cowbone

The cowbone evolved from a pebble that sat in Natalie's bag. It was round and heavy and satisfying to play with. Inspired by nature, we set out to make a great shape that fits in the palm of the hand irregularly, so that it demands movemnt.

The cowbone is one solid object cast in polyurethane resin. It's got a great weight to it and a soft surface feel.

Find out more about the evolution of the cowbone on our blog, here

The Pennies

The pennies are made for fidgeting discreetly, expelling nervious energy by rolling the brilliantly coloured metal ball bearings around the cream polyurethane discs.

Fidgeters is a new company founded by a couple with a passion for design. Directors Eric and Natalie produce the Fidgeters themselves in Bermondsey using a combination of hand crafting and plastic casting know-how.